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The NWCCOG Economic Development District promotes and coordinates economic development efforts throughout northwest Colorado, including the counties of Eagle, Grand, Jackson, Pitkin, and Summit, and the towns within. NWCCOG EDD’s mission is to be a regional leader, working cooperatively with the private and public sectors to enhance the economic conditions in the region, and improve the region’s economic prosperity.

Communities in the NWCCOG region proactively working on creative solutions to the housing crisis

The region’s leaders have been grappling with this a serious problem over the last year: if the workforce cannot find affordable housing, they may be forced to leave the area. If they leave the area, businesses cannot fully staff their businesses, which has resulted in reduced hours, reduced services offered, and in some cases a…

Red Cliff Broadband Program

Cliff never felt so far from civilization as when cell phones and broadband be-came standard tools for living and working. Town doggedly pursued broadband to bring the modern era to it’s citizens for close to a decade, and didn’t get far until NWCCOGs program came along. After nearly 4 years of assistance from NWCCOG and…
Rachel Tuyn

Rachel Tuyn

Rachel joined NWCCOG in 1999 and served as member services and communications coordinator for three years. She re-joined NWCCOG in 2008 as economic development director. She is responsible for overall management of the Economic Development District whose mission is to carry out programs and activities that serve to enhance the economic conditions and quality of...
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