The Summit Prosperity Initiative is Northwest Colorado Council of Governments is pleased to endorse and support the collaborative efforts of the Summit Prosperity Initiative. We applaud your efforts to offer technical assistance and capacity building expertise to deserving projects throughout our Rural Regions. Working families are critical to the fabric of our community, and we are working collaboratively to make sure that everyone can continue to thrive in our resort economy. Since almost 70% of our jobs are tourism based, we are coming together to explore ways to diversify our economy and make sure we continue to be a place where people of varying income levels can live. Over the past six months, The Summit Prosperity Initiative has built a strong coalition of governmental bodies, educational institutions, small, medium and large businesses, our county-wide chamber of commerce, elected officials, non-profit organizations, and interested citizens who have identified several focus areas we believe are vital to our community. Strong plans, created with critical technical expertise, will enable our community to address the creation of career development pathways, attainable housing initiatives, community health and equity efforts, responsible tourism, infrastructure plans, and a resilient economy. We strongly believe that our entire community is eager to work together to enhance the quality of life for all in Summit County. Your consideration of our application is greatly appreciated.