A broad variety of housing types can be found in the NWCCOG Region. Many homes support traditional family units. Some are single family homes that serve as the homes to the workforce in the community such as teachers, healthcare workers, police officers, and property managers. Some serve as vacation/second homes to part time residents or those that may just come for two weeks to ski or spend a week of the summer. Still others are made up of seasonal workers renting and living together.

Some homes are deed restricted to remain affordable due to the progressive programs of housing authorities in the region recognizing the need to create attainable housing opportunities in this resort region due to the high cost of housing. The amenity-rich, resort-oriented nature makes it an attractive place for second homes, which drives up the cost of housing.

Overview of Housing in NWCCOG Region – Towns

COUNTIESTotal Housing UnitsOwner Occupied Units% Owner Occupied UnitsRenter Occupied Units% Renter Occupied UnitsVacant/ Seasonal Units% Vacant/ Seasonal Units
Eagle County, CO31,91212,50939.20%5,25616.47%12,28838.51%
Grand County, CO16,5153,94723.90%1,77710.76%9,00454.52%
Jackson County, CO1,31242032.01%17713.49%71554.50%
Pitkin County, CO13,5744,75735.04%2,58319.03%4,63234.12%
Summit County, CO30,6526,28720.51%3,16810.34%19,89264.90%
Total Region93,96527,92029.71%12,96113.79%46,53149.52%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, latest 5-Year Estimates, 2017

Overview of Housing in Region – Towns

TOWNSTotal Housing UnitsOwner Occupied Units% Owner Occupied UnitsRenter Occupied Units% Renter Occupied UnitsVacant/ Seasonal Units% Vacant/ Seasonal Units
Aspen, CO6,219284645.76%135321.76%222335.75%
Avon, CO4,052115628.53%100924.90%157338.82%
Basalt, CO2,157124057.49%55025.49%24411.31%
Blue River, CO73821328.86%486.50%47764.63%
Breckenridge, CO7,08284611.95%5748.11%527174.43%
Crested Butte, CO1,09826323.95%35232.0632229.33%
Dillon, CO1,40324817.68%21715.47%89163.51%
Eagle, CO2,251158770.50%37916.84%1536.80%
Estes Park, CO4,719189140.07%130827.72%117824.96%
Fraser, CO1,16323320.03%31527.09%55547.72%
Frisco, CO3,50571220.31%47113.44%221663.22%
Glenwood Springs, CO4,333207147.80%189143.64%1413.25%
Granby, CO1,61640725.19%29918.50%75346.60%
Grand Lake, CO936798.44%606.41%72076.92%
Gypsum, CO2,275167473.58%44219.43%351.54%
Hot Sulphur Springs, CO33519357.61%6017.91%8224.48%
Kremmling, CO69335551.23%22933.04%10915.73%
Minturn, CO54220738.19%19135.24%10619.56%
Silverthorne, CO2,23974533.27%63228.23%75333.63%
Snowmass Village, CO2,89064422.28%54418.82%126143.63%
Steamboat Springs, CO9,868296330.03%186718.92%320332.46%
Vail, CO7,210140919.54%79711.05%466164.65%
Walden, CO38120353.28%5815.22%12031.50%
Winter Park, CO2,6281867.08%1224.64%186470.93%
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, American Community Survey, latest 5-Year Estimates, 2017

Median House Value
Eagle County471,100
Grand County285,000
Jackson County171,300
Pitkin County593,600
Summit County547,700
Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2013-2017 American Community Survey

Second homes

With its 10 wold-class, internationally known ski resorts, abundant public lands, natural beauty, and countless outdoor recreational opportunities, the NWCCOG region is a popular place to purchase a vacation/second home. Over 10 communities in the NWCCOG region have 50% of housing units being used for “seasonal/recreational use”, a term suggesting a vacation/second home.

Workforce housing

NWCCOG Reg Workforce Housing Report FINAL  – Jan. 2019

The traditional family unit in the Region – i.e. those families that are in the workforce that contribute to the essential basic services in the Region including teachers, healthcare workers, childcare workers, police officers, emergency medical workers, etc. (i.e. middle-income professional wage earners)– often have the biggest challenge finding housing that suits their needs. Often the high cost of housing makes it extremely difficult for these local workforce families to afford a single family home. To illustrate, the bulk of the housing in Region 12, or 55.9%, is priced between $300,000 and $999,999. This price range is very difficult for a family of 4 earning a household family income of $70,000 to afford (approximate average in Region 12). To further show the high cost of housing in the region, 15% of the housing in Region 12 is priced over $1 million. To respond to this need, local governments have responded, through housing departments and housing authority programs, by creating opportunities for the local workforce family to afford a single family home. These opportunities come from the development of deed-restricted housing, which refers to housing for local residents or employees, and has some type of restriction attached to: occupancy standards, appreciation or resale value, or incomes.

Seasonal rental housing

Due to the seasonal nature of the region and the demand for service workers during the busy months the ski resorts are in operation (October through April generally), there is a need in the Region for temporary seasonal housing for these workers. Local governments and private resort owners have responded to this need by creating seasonal employee rental housing. Most ski areas in the region have employee rental units. Many counties and towns have incorporated requirements into their permitting structure requiring developers to build employee housing units if their business will generate a need for new employees, or pay fees in lieu of building these units.


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