Tourism & Outdoor Recreation

The NWCCOG Region is an international hub of tourism and outdoor recreation, supported by its world class ski resorts, large amounts of public lands, lakes and rivers, and diverse landscapes. The tourism and outdoor recreation industry includes a variety of subsectors ranging from accommodation and attractions to entertainment and heritage tourism. Specifically, the tourism and outdoor recreation industry includes ski resorts, providers of recreation both outdoor and indoor; companies that produce, promote or participate in live performances, sporting events or exhibits. Additionally, companies in this industry operate facilities or provide services that enable patrons to participate in recreational activities or pursue amusement, hobby and leisure-time interests, such as amphitheaters, golf courses, fitness and recreation centers and other amusement and recreation-related services. Companies that provide customers with accommodations and food services are also included. The industry includes companies that wholesale and manufacture sports and athletic equipment and footwear. Tourism and outdoor recreation companies provide travel arrangement, reservations, car and recreational equipment rental, transit, and scenic and sightseeing services. Sporting goods stores and recreational, motorcycle, ATV and boat dealers are also included. The industry includes companies that promote and preserve the environment and wildlife. This Key Industry sector includes the following three industry classifications from NAICS which account for 47% of all jobs in the region :
  • Accommodations & Food Services
  • Arts, Entertainment & Recreation
  • Retail Trade

Health & Wellness

The health and wellness industry includes a dynamic and growing group of businesses that provide preventive, curative and rehabilitative services. Extending beyond health care delivery, the industry represents a continuum of businesses ranging from treating disease to a multidimensional and holistic approach that focuses on complete physical and mental health, social well-being, and disease prevention. Businesses in the health and wellness industry includes the offices of physicians, dentists, chiropractors, optometrists, mental health practitioners, physical and speech therapists, podiatrists and other health practitioners. The industry includes hospitals ranging from general medical, surgical and psychiatric to substance abuse and specialty care, and includes centers focused on family planning, outpatient mental health and substance abuse, kidney dialysis, diagnostic imaging and emergency care. Businesses focused on nursing care, assisted living and long-term care, and businesses that provide services for individuals, families and the elderly, are also included. The industry includes home health equipment rental, fitness and recreation facilities, diet and weight reducing services, and massage and yoga services. Companies that manufacture ophthalmic goods, and retailers engaged in vitamins and nutrition supplements, are also included.

Construction, Infrastructure, & Engineering

The construction, infrastructure and engineering industry includes businesses that provide a full spectrum of planning, design, development, operations and maintenance of critical structures, machinery, equipment and other systems. These businesses provide engineering services for all types of industries ranging from construction and transportation to manufacturing and energy. Specifically, the industry includes businesses that construct buildings and civil engineering projects ranging from utility, water and solid waste systems to highways, streets and bridges. Contractors specializing in steel and concrete, site preparation, installing and servicing building equipment, and other specialized trades are also included. Companies in the infrastructure engineering industry manufacture asphalt, coating materials, brick, cement, concrete, and machinery and wholesale, rent, and lease construction and mining machinery and equipment. Infrastructure engineering companies implement complex projects from initial concept to delivery and operation, which includes consultancy services and building services ranging from architectural, drafting, mapping and surveying to inspection, evaluation, testing, remediation and related services during the construction or installation phase of engineering projects.

Creative Industries

There’s a creative revolution coming to life in our region. It can be seen on our streets, felt in our mountains, tasted in our restaurants, and heard in our amphitheaters. Thanks in part to the region’s natural surroundings and diverse and booming creative industries, our region has one of the state’s highest concentrations of creative occupations and continues to attract people and businesses focused on design, performing arts, film and media, visual arts and crafts, heritage, literary and publishing. With such a vibrant foundation, the region’s creative industry is poised for even greater growth as it continues to attract workers and businesses that are dreaming up tomorrow’s inspired creations.
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