Northwest Colorado Council of Governments (NWCCOG) is located in the northwest portion Colorado just west of the Denver Metro area, and includes the counties of Eagle, Grand, Jackson, Pitkin and Summit. It is in the heart of the Rocky Mountains and is characterized by its mountainous terrain and very high overall altitude.  The region consists of 6,779 square miles, population of 120,000, for an overall population density of 17.36 persons per square mile.  Most of the area is located among the high peaks of the Colorado Rockies. The region is bordered in the East by the Continental Divide, in the north by the State of Wyoming in Jackson County, to the west by Garfield County, and to the South by the Elk Mountain Range in Pitkin County. It is considered the “high country”, as elevations range from a high point of 14,270 (Grays Peak in Summit County) to a low of 6,312 in the Town of Gypsum in Eagle County. The average elevation of the towns in Region 12 is 8,124 feet above sea level.